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  • Dear David, I can't tell you how grateful I am for your advice and counsel and good humor and know-how and great spirit this afternoon in your shop. I am so happy that I decided to try one more shop before buying, and the money I saved by following your advice is not the least of it. The Brompton is a major spurge for me, but the comfort I have knowing that I have received great advice, and knowing that you are there if I have any problems or questions, made the whole thing a lot easier.I was home in Washington Heights in no time, and made it up the steepest hills without ever switching out of high gear. The only people who passed me were the people who would pass me on the Trek 5200 I rent once or twice a year when I go on a century ride. I am going to be riding the bike all over town.Jim Goodman, NYC
  • From the moment I inquired about the Brompton bicycle, David at B-Fold gave new meaning to the words customer service. I had a very negative e-commerce experience recently, and David went out of his way to make me feel comfortable about the transaction. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the bicycles, and he spent much time imparting some of that knowledge to me. Of course, the quality of the Brompton is extraordinary, but the quick and attentive service made B-Fold stand head and shoulders above the rest of the Brompton dealers. I had requested many special features on my bike, including a custom paint job, and David placed the order with Brompton in England; I received it in two weeks' time. I recommend B-Fold without reservation!Kathryn Yung Portland, ME
  • Although the shop might not look too flashy, I was very pleased with the professional service, the advice and the well stocked inventory of Brompton available. I was also very please with the fact that David could replace the tires, set up some lightings (not Brompton brand but even better), provide me with the front bag and accessories I needed. I tested my new bike in NYC for a couple of days. The rides were great. It is something else to discover this fabulous city with a bike. The Brompton (L type) is really pleasant to ride and amazing how easy it is to fold and carry in public transportation or in the trunk of a car. The six speeds are really sufficient for NYC or Brussels. My home is in Belgium and (of course) I wanted to take my Brompton back with me. I was flying Delta and it is very convenient because you limited to two pieces of luggage. My Brompton was in a cardboard box nicely tied with a rope (Thanks for the box and rope David!). If you plan to travel by plane, I suggest not to mention that it is a bike since it might cost you an extra amount (90$ on Delta). But since folded it is rather the size of a suitcase, I do not see why they would think that it is a bike. Concerning customs in Belgium, I did not import the bicycle to resell it but to use it. So I had already used it in NY and it was not totally clean anymore. I did not have any trouble at customs, but if I did, I would have argued that the bike was not new. So, in conclusion: Vive le vélo !Mathieu, Belgium
  • Dear David, I am so pleased with the Brompton you sold me. It's beautiful and super fun to ride - I love it! I am just as pleased, however, with your service - before, during, and after the sale. You are so quick and thorough in answering my questions - even to the point of including pictures to illustrate your answers to my questions. Wow! And, the T6 got here so quickly; you shipped same day. Double Wow! You are the best, David. I am already recommending you to my biking friends. Next up? A pink Brompton T6. :) Best regards,Elisa Boston, MA
  • Dear David, Just a quick note to let you know that the Brompton that you sent off before heading to Japan arrived this morning! The instructions that you emailed were very clear and I had it unfolded and on the road in a couple of minutes. Thanks again! I really appreciated your advice and the fast, friendly service. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will certainly recommend Bfold to all my friends and colleagues.
    Best wishes,
    Graeme Tucson, AZ 

  • Having surfed online for too many hours in search of the ideal price/performance ratio for a folding bike, David simplified my selection process as only a truly good owner/operator can: he offered unvarnished opinions on his stock based on his own riding experience. Rather than seduce me with component brands and tech specs, David simply drew a chart to show which bikes handled best and which bikes were most portable. As a non bike rider for more years than I can remember, I felt that I could trust David's honest advice. Based on his suggestions, I happily purchased an entry level Bike Friday, and rode it on and off road for eight weeks for over 300 miles. I didn't get a flat until my last week! Thank you – You saved me from a Dahon and my pocketbook from a Moulton. Kabir, NYC
  • David, I received my bike yesterday afternoon, just in time to ride home. It is like a new bike! Thank you so much for spending extra time and care on the overhaul. My five year old B is as good as new. I am thrilled to have finally found a Brompton specialist! Your adjustment of the derailleur and brakes is perfect, much much better than what I had managed to do. THANKS AGAIN, and I look forward to meeting you in late December,Peter, Charleston, SC
  • Quite honestly, most bike shops are clueless when it comes to fixing bikes, especially folders, and particularly Bromptons. I made the mistake of buying my Brompton at a competitor because I had a crush on one of the sales girls. I didn't get the girl, but I got problems stemming from indifference and incompetence that I never would have gotten had I bought the bike from David Lam. For example, two blocks away from the shop, and a minute after buying the bike, I got a flat. I rolled on back to the store, and they charged me for another set of tires and labor, suggesting that I should have chosen kevlar belted ones in the first place, a choice they'd never recommended. The tires that come as original equipment were not designed for the steeplechase of NYC streets. David gets that, and after-markets his Bromptons to make them NYC capable. I also broke rear spokes within three months of buying my bike. I took it back to the original shop. The first thing the mechanic said: "sorry, you'll have to buy a new wheel, that one's shot." I told him to replace the broken spokes. He did, and within weeks they began breaking again. Finally, I went to David, who fixed the problem with better spokes, correctly tuned, and with tiny gaskets at the hook ends. I haven't broken a spoke since, and that was over a year ago. Finally, I would have liked to get tips when I bought the bike. A Brompton is a big investment, and one would expect, at least, a bon voyage. I've seen David work with customers, including those I've sent to him. He spends a LOT of time with buyers, teaching them about their new machine.
    Karl G. NYC