Your Quality Folding Bike Specialist

About Us

David Lam, founder and owner of bfold, believes in the quality of the folding bikes he carries and the service he provides to his clients. His knowledge and experience come from years of riding and passion for the sport.

Why we carry the bikes we have:

1) Quality of the product

2) Excellent support from the manufacturers

3) Timely delivery of bikes and warranty parts. 

If we do not carry the brand you are looking for, it is because they may not meet the 3 criteria.

bfold is an authorized dealer for Brompton, birdy, Xootr / Swift, Bike Friday, Strida, Moulton, Pashley-Moulton, Carry-Me, REACH, Dahon, Tern and Catrike. We are located near Union Square in New York City. We are here to meet all folding bike needs. Call, email or just come in during our business hours.